Following the announcement of the 2019 FIM Junior Motocross World Championship in Trentino, Italy, the FIM and Youthstream are pleased to announce the venue for the 2020 FIM Junior Motocross World Championship as well! The 2020 event will head to Greece and the former Motocross World Championship venue of Megalopolis.

Organized by the Aris AC together with ALMA Megalopolis and full support from Peloponnisios Prefecture, the event will mark the return of a world caliber event for the first time since the 2010 MX3 World Championship and the 2011 FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship made stops in the ancient city at the PPC-MINES MEGALOPOLIS CIRCUIT.

Easily reached by the Kalamata Airport, Megalopolis has long hosted events of great significance from the battles of Thebans and Sparta in the 4th century to those of Stefan Everts and Pit Beirer in the 20th century being an oustanding host of the FIM Motocross World Championship in 1998 and 1999.

Ready to host the return of World Motocross the best Junior riders from around the world will travel to Megalopolis for a chance to be crowned a FIM Junior Motocross World Champion or FIM 65cc Junior Motocross World Cup winner. The Greek city will now host 125cc and 85cc two stroke categories plus the young 65cc riders for the first time in its more than impressive history.

Well known for his ancient history of more than 7000 years, Greece is the South East border of Europe, also known as HELLAS and officially as the Hellenic Republic. Constituted after the independence war from Ottomans, Greece was internationally recognized at 1830. Is a founding member of United Nations and the 10th member of European Community. Greece has a population of 10.6 million. Neighboring countries: Mostly through sea, Italy to the West, Turkey to the East, Bulgaria, Egypt and Libya to the South with Albania and North Macedonia the only “non through sea” neighbors.
Greece has more than 2000 islands with Peloponnisos region being the biggest, artificial (!), one after the construction of Isthmos canal at 1893.

Peloponnisos - Megalopolis
Peloponnisos, named after mythical hero Pelopas, was settled thousands years ago with Megalopolis being founding member of Peloponnesian League, a historical alliance of cities from 6th to 4th centuries BC. Today Megalopolis, a small city of 6000 people, is well known for its ancient monuments, its natural beauty and the big, public thermal power plant which supplies power to all southern Greece.
Most recently, Megalopolis is well known for its motocross track, constructed at 1994, being internationally known from 1998 when MX250 GP was organized there. MX250 GP continued in 1999, with MX3 and WMX races following at 2010 – 2011.
Megalopolis, situated on the A7 highway, is easily accessed from Athens after a 2 hours drive, 40 minutes drive from holiday oriented Kalamata and 2,5 hours drive from Patras which is Greece’s major port to Italy-Europe.

ARIS & ALMA Athletic Clubs
ARIS is a sporting motorcycle club formed by a group of people with experience of decades in sporting motorcyclism. ARIS has held a lot of national and regional events on all major motorcycle disciplines (motocross, road racing, endure, trial etc) in Greece, ARIS organized MX3 GPs on 2010 & 2011 aiming recently to the development of youth sport motorcyclism with its MiniGP Cup series and, for 2020, with Junior MX World Championship.
ALMA is a quite young motorsport club, mainly focused in motorcycling. ALMA manages Megalopolis Motocross circuit the last 4 years, organizes also several national and regional events at Megalopolis circuit and area.