Dear Riders and Teams!

ridegreencupWe are pleased to invite you to join the 2021 Ride Green Cup that will be held together with the MX Junior, which aims to reach competitors at a very young age and teach them about sustainability.

RIDE GREEN CUP is a fun way to show our young riders the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their sport and to give them all-round training on how to do it. Athletes are the ideal people to set an example and raise awareness in their communities thanks to their popularity and performances. To quote Ms Kattia Juarez, Director of the FIM International Sustainability Commission, “To be a real champion you must respect the planet”.


“Less plastic, more fantastic” is the theme choosen by the National Federation for this year of competition

fimgreen2021 RIDE GREEN CUP is based on a theme always actual in our World, the reduction of the consumption of the plastic.

Moreover, the European Parliament has recently put in force a law that ban the use of disposable plastic so we ask our team avoiding to use these kind of items (bottles, glasses, plates, cutlery, etc.)

The 2021 RIDE GREEN CUP activities will take place in 3 rounds:

First round 

The team has to register on Instagram and post pictures and/or video of themselves helping the environment using a hashtag: 

 #RGCup21_nameoftheteam  (for example  #RGCup21_italia  or   #RGCup21_USA or #RGcup21_Japan, etc). 

 In the photos you will post you also must refer to the official page of Ride Green on Instagram –

@FIMRideGreen  and @fimlive @mxgp

This round will start as soon as the teams sign in in the competition and will end, like the other two rounds Sunday first of August. There will be a board placed in the paddock with the logos and information of the RGCup competition.

During the event, the members of the teams, (riders, mechanics, staff etc.) are all invited to show their commitment signing the board and shooting pictures or videos that must be published in Instagram using the hashtag mentioned above and mentioned the official Ride Green account ( @FIMRideGreen)

The Jury will count the likes and the number of posts/histories. The more influencer team with the highest number of like and posts, will win the round. The objective of this round is to raise awareness amongst the community and became a positive influencer amongst the followers and fans.

Second round

The team with the best plastic free practices will win this round

Third round

This round is based on the respect of the FIM CID Environmental Code (appropriate use of the washing area, the recycling points, use of the environmental mat, amongst others)

A jury will evaluate the result of the three rounds and whoever has the highest score will be declared the winner of the test.

Don’t miss out on the fun, come and join us for the Ride Green Cup!

Yours sincerely,

2021 Ride Green Cup Organising Committee

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.